Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bull Cr., Silver Cr. trails re-open today (Oct. 1) to motorbikes & non-motorized use N. of Crouch, ID

42 culverts were installed along the trails to reduce erosion.
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Twenty-two miles of Bull Creek and Silver Creek trails reopen today (Oct. 1) to motorcycle and non-motorized use following extensive trail work by several public agencies and recreation groups. The trails had been closed for two years to rehabilitate the trails, install culverts and a bridge, and brush and clear the trail. 

The trail project, located in the Emmett Ranger District of the Boise National Forest, was a partnership project with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, Boise National Forest, Trails Unlimited, Treasure Valley Trail Machine Association, Squaw Butte Backcountry Horsemen, and the Emmett Rough Riders ATV Club.  

The singletrack trails are open for motorcycle and non-motorized recreation use to provide for sustainable and manageable opportunities while reducing impacts to natural resources and watershed values. ATV or UTV use of the trails is prohibited. 
New 35-foot bridge before, above, and after, below. 

All told, the reconstruction project included:
  • Installing 42 arched culverts throughout the 22-mile-long trail system. The culverts will improve drainage on the trails and reduce trail erosion. 
  • Rerouting 10 sections (3 major) of the trail network. 
  • Building a 35-foot bridge
  • Building a 40-foot-long retaining wall
  • Connecting the upper Bull Creek Trail with the Rice Peak Trail for a longer ride opportunity that extends into the Cascade Ranger District, and other public trails near Stolle Meadows. 
  • Completing extensive brushing and clearing of the trail width and tread. 
Treasure Valley TMA volunteered weekend work over a two-year period for many project tasks. In addition, the Squaw Butte Backcountry Horsemen volunteered with trail clearing. The Emmett Rough Riders ATV Club volunteered to do trail clearing on the Telephone Ridge Trail, which was key to equipment hauling and better access to the upper Bull Creek Trail.

The trail system will be seasonally designated for use from July 1 through November 14. Further information is available by contacting the Emmett Ranger District at 208-365-7000, or by going to Search for Bull Creek Trail or Silver Creek Trail to check on seasonal restrictions. 

Heavy-duty trail-rehab on the Bull Creek Trail 

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