Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New free Challis-area Recreation Map is available for all trail users from the Challis Chamber

Hi all,

The Challis Area Chamber of Commerce has produced a new recreation map for the greater Challis area. The two-sided, full-color map is available for free from the chamber.

The map is very comprehensive, focusing on Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service trails in the vicinity surrounding Challis, including trails in the Yankee Fork area, Morgan Creek area, the Pahsimeroi country, Big Lost Range, Mackay area and more.

The map features easy-to-read, color-coded trail designations for ATV trails, motorbike trails, non-motorized trails, jeep trails and roads.
Color-coded trail designations highlights different trail types for
ATVs, roads, singletrack trails for motorbikes or mountain bikes,
and non-motorized trails. (click to enlarge)
Melissa Perkins Fitzgerald, executive director of the Challis Area Chamber of Commerce, explains how the map project was conceived. "The Challis Area Chamber of Commerce recognizes the importance of recreation to our community and its economy," she said. "Subsidized by ad sponsorship, the map features an area of approximately 5,000 square miles. By providing extensive trail opportunities, we offer the public alternative routes for their enjoyment, thereby enhancing their experience.

"To the visiting public this may increase the possibility of their return and referral. Until now, the public had to review several agency maps to view ‘the big picture’. While USFS and BLM are the definitive resource for trail conditions and regulations, our map is a sizable overview of the region and of the trail systems. We see this project is an investment in our future."

If you're thinking about exploring recreation trails in the greater Challis area, the new recreation map would be a great resource for planning and navigating trail rides.

Contact Melissa at the Challis chamber, if you'd like to order the map. Donations for postage would be appreciated, but not required. She can be reached at 208-879-2771 or via email: challischamber@custertel.net 

FYI: Some of the motorbike and ATV trails in the Challis area are featured in the Where to Ride section of the stayontrails.com web site. Each ride has a detailed desciption and map. We offer these Internet resources as an additional place to go for information about riding in the Challis area. Click on the rides below for the details:
There you have it. Enjoy your ride!