Saturday, April 23, 2011

Danskin Trails now open for OHV use

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The Forest Service announced Thursday that the Danskin Trails near Black's Creek and Mountain Home have re-opened for public use.

Here's the text of their news release:

Mountain Home, ID – Effective Thursday, April 21, the Forest Service will reopen all trails for motorized use in the Danskin Mountain Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Area located on the Mountain Home Ranger District of the Boise National Forest.

The area had been subject to an extended closure to minimize trail damage and protect resources during the wet spring thaw conditions.

“Pockets of snow remain on a few higher elevation trails, some water crossings are flowing very high, and there are some slumps and ruts so users need to use caution as not all trail hazards have been identified,” said Stephaney Church, Mountain Home District Ranger.

“We encourage all riders to exercise responsibility and care when riding through any wet areas to prevent damage.”

The Danskin Mountain OHV Area is about 29 miles east of Boise and includes nearly 160 miles of designated motorized-use trails. Motorized enthusiasts are reminded that their machine must display a valid State of Idaho OHV sticker for operation on these trails and compliance with this regulation is strictly enforced. Citizens observing illegal activity are encouraged to report violators to Forest Service law enforcement officers. A key ingredient to protect and preserve the trail system is user compliance.

Maps for the OHV Area identifying all trails designated for motorcycle and ATV use are available at Forest Service offices and from several OHV dealers in Boise and Mountain Home.

Online pdf trail maps are available here on

Further information is available by contacting the Mountain Home Ranger District office at 208-587-7961.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boise National Forest closes Danskin trails temporarily until damage can be repaired

A pine tree falls across Trail #531

Damage on Trail #512
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The Boise National Forest put out a news release on April 8, indicating that it will be closing the trails in the Danskin Mountains area for several weeks because of wet, muddy conditions. The long, wet winter also has caused some damage on the trails.

Here's the text of the news release:

Mountain Home, ID - The U.S. Forest Service Mountain Home Ranger District has extended indefinitely the closure for the motorized access on all trails in the Danskin Mountain OHV Area to minimize trail damage and protect resources due to lingering snow and continued rainfall that have led to very wet trail conditions. This closure prohibits all motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle travel on designated trails within the Danskin Mountains OHV Area.

Mountain Home District Ranger Stephaney Church extended the closure past the anticipated ending on April 10, due to the cool wet weather this spring. District staff reviewed part of the trail system and encountered washed out culverts, down trees, and cut slope failures. Trail restrictions are annually put in place starting January 1 and last through the early season in order to reduce potential motor vehicle damage on soft or muddy trails.

“As conditions now stand, I anticipate the closure could be extended through to April 21, or even longer,” Church said. “We will continue to monitor trail conditions on a weekly basis and open the area to motorized travel just as soon as conditions allow.” The extension will allow the system to continue to dry and allow for completion of needed repairs.

(end news release)

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